What is TUICO’S Politics?


The Union is not affiliated to any political party but is proud to have members from any political party. Union leaders are not allowed to have a rank in any political party or government (especially leaders from regional to national level) which may arouse dispute of interest in accordance to the Union constitution.


The Union encourages free and open debate in its structures and it keeps workers united at the workplace.


The Union encourages and strive to have a 50% representations between women and men


Youth and people with disabilities are involved in decision making bodies


Non discrimination against members and workers on any of the following grounds.

  1. Colour
  2. Nationality.
  3. Tribe or place of origin.
  4. Race.
  5. National extraction.
  6. Social origin
  7. Political opinion or religion.
  8. Sex.
  9. Gender.
  10. Pregnancy.
  11. Marital status or family responsibility.
  12. Disability.
  13. HIV/AIDS.
  14. Age or state of life.

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