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rade Union movement in Tanzania has experienced different political and economical environments. Politically it operated during the colonial time and after independence. There was a time when it operated freely and times when the ruling political party engulfed it to the extent that it lost most of its freedom and integrity. For example between 1964 and 1978 NUTA (the former National Centre was an affiliate of Tanganyika African national Union (TANU) the Ruling Party by then. Between 1979 and 1991 JUWATA which was the National centre was again one of the mass organizations of the ruling party (CCM).
These different experiences affected not only the structure of trade union but also contributed to formation of entire trade union behavior and attitudes.

Trade Unions have always been forced by circumstantial events to shape themselves to suit the socio-economic developments prevailing at that time. Now when the country is liberalizing the economy, Trade Union are facing the emerging challenges brought by the new changes.
In year 1996 eleven (11) free trade unions were formed, and they were all affiliated to the Organization of Tanzania Trade Union (OTTU). In the year 2000 a total of 11 free Trade Unions were all affiliated to the current national centre that is Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA)
TUICO as an independent democratic workers union is currently operating under new environment dominated by the free market economy. The union organizes members from Industries, Commercial, Finance Institutions, Consultancy and Services. TUICO started to operate as an independent union in January, 1996.

TUICO was registered on 11th September, 2000 following enactment of Trade Union Act No.10 of 1998,as it was repealed and replaced by The Employment and Labour Relations Act No 6 0f 2004, and duly issued a certificate of Registration No.001. TUICO is an affiliate of Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA).

TUICO is one of the strong Union which bring together workers from four main sectors that are Industrial, Commercial, Finance, Consultancy and Services, with more than 56,000 members (as at December 2009). It is an active affiliate of Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA), the only Trade Union Federation in Tanzania which was formed in 2000, it has 14 affiliated Unions.

How much do i pay to belong to TUICO

2% of your basic wage per month as set by the TUICO National Congress.

Who can Join TUICO?

Any person who is in any contract of employment as per Employment and Labour Relations Act No 6 0f 2004, or a person who is involving in a self employment, regardless of colour, race, belief, cultural origin or political affiliation. You can join TUICO as long as you work in the:

1. Industrial

Textiles, Beverages, Printing, Plastic, rubber, glass, baking, chemicals, food, garages and car industries, Iron and metal, Extraction , Spinning etc.

2. Commerce

Energy, Petroleum products, Motor Vehicles and Commercial undertakings.

3. Financial Institutions

Banks, Insurance, Pension Funds, Bureau de Changes, Tax Authorities etc.

4. Services and Consultancy

Water and Sanitation Authorities, Small Scale Industries Authority, Informal Sector.

What is TUICO’S Politics?

  • The Union is not affiliated to any political party but is proud to have members from any political party. Union leaders are not allowed to have a rank in any political party or government (especially leaders from regional to national level) which may arouse dispute of interest in accordance to the Union constitution.
  • The Union encourages free and open debate in its structures and it keeps workers united at the workplace.
  • The Union encourages and strive to have a 50% representations between women and men
  • Youth and people with disabilities are involved in decision making bodies
  • Non discrimination against members and workers on any of the following grounds.
  1. Colour
  2. Nationality.
  3. Tribe or place of origin.
  4. Race.
  5. National extraction.
  6. Social origin
  7. Political opinion or religion.
  8. Sex.
  9. Gender.
  10. Pregnancy.
  11. Marital status or family responsibility.
  12. Disability.
  13. HIV/AIDS.
  14. Age or state of life.

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