What is TUICO?

Tanzania Union of Industrial and Commercial Workers (TUICO) is an independent Union that organize Workers from the following Sectors: Industrial, Commercial, Financial Institutions, Services and Consultancy.
The Union began operating as an independent union in January 1996 and it is affiliated to TUCTA (the National Centre and Global Union Federations. Its main function is to defend and protect Workers rights.

What are the Benefits of Joining TUICO?

The Benefits of being a Member of TUICO include the following:-

(a) Representing Members in case of disputes between the Employer and Employee.

(b) Educating Members on their rights and obligations

(c) Negotiate with Management to conclude a Collective Bargaining Agreement which improves the welfare of Members

(d) Being united and work together with other members from different sectors (Internally and Globally)

(e) Securing and protecting your Employment

(f) Electing or being elected into Union Leadership etc.

TUICO Officials visits working places and organize Workers to join the Union. To become a member you have to fill in TUF Form No. 15 (in triplet) which are submitted to the Employer and the Union. You can also visit our Regional Offices and fill the form at the Regional Office which will later be submitted to the Employer